Monday, November 18, 2013

Damaged villi---Acute giardiasis attack

Dear Dr 

Its very nice of you to get in touch with me sir.

I am 37/male.

Definitely I need help/advice from you.
A.condition-----damaged villi.

B.My main problems/symptoms at present------

1. motions are not formed ,wet motions,anal itching,2-3 motions in the morning and 2-3 motions in the evening,the feeling comes fast and sudden,gas is dominant.Not good hold on my bowel,its weak hold,sometimes gas/irritation in colon,small intestine felt.Till stomach all fine ,when food travels to intestines then motion felt,motion scattered inside the intestines with gas.

2.malabsorption syndrome----twitches all over the body,mild chills due to ca,b12 deficiencies.

C.diagnosis---------severe giardiasis attack 1 year back(hospitalization-3days)after 4 months of unknown cause diahhroea and severe twitches,cramps---no. of antibiotics tried,then finally diagnosed with giardia cysts ans citrobacter pure growth in stool---was given tinidazole-13 days bid felt better,blood tests showed vitamin b12 def.,ca def.

D.good points----ct abdomen ---clear(was I exposed to lots of radiation due to ct-abdomen and liquid barium??),esr-10,cbc-normal,no pernicious anaemia,stool cultures,routine microscopy clear,no giardia seen in 10 tests,vitamin b12 levels better after 1 yr of supplementation=b12 level 400 ---4 months back when I left b12 vitamin capsules,faecal blood test-stool negative 3 times done,good appetite,no wt. loss-10kg wt. gain,routine hiv-- negative,hep.b-- negative.

E.Additional old problems---gouty arthritis once a yr. attack,fat on stomach,some lipomas-fibroids on hands,1 on thigh,1 on lower back,nose allergies,nose,throat,chest infections in winters easily,antibiotics used lots earlier,fearful,nervousness,lathargy,less energy levels,recently from 1 month 1 pimple-pain on rt. nipple and 1 small mole on the same nipple,overweight,had malaria and took antimalarial drugs 5 yrs back---its always negative-20 tests since then,also giardia and malaria antigen tests negative.used some merc sol 1m,ars alb 1m for few months 2 yrs back for ent infections/allergies,also urtica and belladonna 1m for gout occasionally on some recommendation.

F.Good habbits/points---eat healthy,no smoke,earlier in college smoked occasionally,no alcohol,walks,no major diseases in the family either side,only mother--diabetic and father got AVR done,grandfather had ulcer in gi at 87 yrs,no cancers,no arteries blocked of any relatives.

sir please suggest some medicines to rejuvinate,heal,regrow my villi in small intestines for good absorption of nutrients and stop diahrroea/form proper harder stools with good bowel control as soon as possible.


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